Talk Back @The Cottage

Thursday, Nov 14th from 6:30p-8p

Talk Back @The Cottage is an event at Natural Grocers Vitamin Cottage in Aurora. It is a time for you to emotionally share your power and pain. It is a time for you to talk about your life, world, and what you want this country's leadership to do for our future. I call the event "Talk Back" because smart mouths and all emotional expressions are welcome. I have a teenage daughter. I give her unconditional room to use her voice. I encourage her to share her power and her pain by talking back to me, while also not allowing her to walk over me. It's a dance of lead and follow in close relationships.

You are encouraged to talk how you naturally talk, feel how you naturally feel, and be who you naturally are so I can really see and hear you. I am an aspiring politician, but I am anything but politically correct. 

No need to RSVP, just show up.

Natural Grocers

3440 S. Tower Rd.

Aurora 80013

Jaimie Kulikowski for Congress. 

Remember. Integrate. Reframe.

Say Anything. Talk Back. 

(note: Natural Grocers is not endorsing, sponsoring, or donating to Jaimie Kulikowski for Congress. They are letting me use their space for this event.)