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I was initially not going to take donations. I changed my mind.

Your support and contributions will allow me to keep making room for you to speak up and out from your emotional soul. At this point in time, every soul is wounded and packed with conflicting identity labels that have been judged and oppressed long enough by a patriarchal paradigm.

It is time for our country to start walking its talk of true integration so we can eventually manifest the American Dream that has been sold to us for so long.

I believe in the American Dream. I believe in our 1st amendment right to free speech. If we were good at the 1st amendment, we would have never needed a 2nd one.

These last three years have been an American Nightmare. Before we can live the American Dream, we have to spend some time in our American Reality.

-Jaimie Kulikowski for Congress

A Democrat who will say anything to get free speech out in front of firearms

(my daughter took the pic of me while we were at Santa Monica beach for spring break 2019)

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