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I’m Jaimie, Quantum Physical Historian, Founder of Midnight Blue Spa, & Contender for Congress

As a quantum physical historian, business owner, and prospective member of congress, I am here to provide pain relief and history realization services to Colorado's District 6 and anyone else who wants to remember, integrate, and reframe their history in order to heal.

I have taken in the signs from the universe and decided to run for political office and open Midnight Blue Spa in 2020.

My approach to leadership and healing the past is improvisational and intuition based. I have over 30 years combined experience in leadership, past life journeying, massage therapy, and performing arts. I feel the energy of the moment and decide what to do and say from there.

As a quantum physical historian, I have time traveled through my history and body myself. I am back to the real me, fully embodied in my present day story. I am an open book and will share anything you would like to know about my journey into both my past and my belief in our undocumented human history.  I am also sharing my story in My So-Called Past Life BlogVlog

Jaimie Kulikowski for Congress

DramaticDem, A Midnight Blue

"LivOriginal. bU"

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